Are you leading an online enterprise? Is your business all about selling subscription-based services? If yes, then there is so much to take care of. 

You need help with this as the associated process cannot be managed manually. AUTOMATION is needed! 

Let’s not forget ZUORA! It offers everything you might be looking for. Zuora is an enterprise software firm offering top-notch solutions for enterprises to start and manage a subscription-based business model. Through the services offered by Zuora, you can automate the processes like billing, payment collection, invoices, revenue management, and subscription metrics. 




Is zuora pci compliance important to you? When you host payments via Zuora, the integrations are embedded as iFrames on your webpages and you can easily customize them as you like. Such hosted payment pages are PCI compliant and thus your website may be eligible for multiple gateway providers. 


Zuora and subscription business model


A hosted payment page allows the potential customers to choose and set up a payment method like choosing a bank transfer. As the only function of Zuora-hosted payment pages is to handle the payments, so goes well in any kind of simple to complex business model. Moreover, these are referred to as a rapid subscription-commerce solution for traders with a simple subscription working model.

Here are the likely applications of a subscription-commerce solution with benefits like that of zuora pci compliance.  

  • Activating customers’ subscriptions for a single item rate plan.
  • Offering new subscriptions to fresh customers.

If the above-defined applications are not your need and you want more than this, then it is recommended to use Zuroa REST API. According to Zuora, it is more effective and flexible, hence, the best alternative. 


Setting up a PCI-compliant via Zuora


Online eCommerce stores are more vulnerable to hackers and thus need to provide a secure payment gateway for the customers. When you use Zuora, the payment method details are stored on the Zuora database same as the order details and are secured. This data will be used to process recurrent payments. 

Both electronic and external payment methods are supported via Zuora. Let it be bank transfers, credit card payments, or cheque payments – Zuora has covered everything for you. When you are accepting online credit card payments, you must need to achieve and maintain high-level security that meets PCI criteria. The PCI DSS (Data Security Centre) is a criterion to verify businesses that process, store and transmit credit card data maintain online user payment information secure. 


zuora pci compliance


Let’s read in detail about zuora pci compliance. With the help of the premium Z-Payments Page, which is now available in limited release, you may collect payment methods from new or existing clients securely in a PCI-compliant manner.

A Z-Payments page is one way. It’s a completely configurable hosted payment page that enables businesses to gather payment options without worrying about PCI compliance. These pages can be embedded in an iFrame, and then add them to the website. By this, you can easily collect and send customer payment method data to Zuora’s PCI-compliant servers. 

As Zuora hosts iFrame, payment method data isn’t processed through your environment. It helps limit the scope of PCI control criteria. 


Zuora PCI Compliance


Zuora pci compliance is one of the best features that make someone choose this company. Remember, from entering payment details to processing them for recurrent payments – every step is secured. If you don’t integrate Zuora’s Z-Payments Page, Zuora can still help you to collect payment details via your own screens. Remember, getting a PCI-compliant certificate is a must or your solution will not be counted as PCI compliant. 


Take Away!


You can fully rely on zuora pci compliance as this is an affordable and streamlined solution. If you still need to figure out the possibilities, leave a comment. 



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