Remote control ipad from iphone via bluetooth is possible or not? Have some patience! Or move to the end section of the article to learn about it. 

Technology spoiled many of us very much. Since we know that devices can be accessed remotely, we are madly interested to experiment with them. Nobody likes to handle 4, or 5 devices at a time as carrying them everywhere is very much difficult. Apple Inc. is the world’s leading technology industry and its users, are fond of its unique accessibility features. If you have both an iPad and iPhone, then you should learn about remotely accessing an iPad. This blog provides an overview of whether you can remote control ipad from iphone via bluetooth or not. So, without wasting a minute, let’s begin the blog.


remote control ipad from iphon


Why do you need to remote access your iPad?


Apple users buy iPads only for entertainment. It is very true for Asians. They will have their music playlist saved on the iPads. Also, the gaming experience on an iPad is valuable. If you have used an iPad before as well, you will agree that the iPad is so simple to use. So, when individuals hesitate to buy an iPhone, they prefer iPads. 

You may need to transfer files or access the music playlist in your iPad. The solution is having remote access to the device. Luckily, you can remote control ipad from iphone via the ‘Switch Control’ feature. 

If you want to learn if remote control ipad from iphone via bluetooth is possible or not, jump to the last section.


Remote access to an iPad – Switch Control Mode


Let’s talk about the inbuilt feature first ‘Switch Control’. If you have at least iOS 7 or the latest iOS version, you can take advantage of the ‘Switch Control’ feature. This is an in-built feature by Apple to help you remotely access your iOS device. Originally, the feature was intended to facilitate the disabled community, but now, everyone is using it. 

To use this feature, you must have an active WiFi connection. Make sure that your iPad (that is to be remotely accessed) and iPhone (the device that will get the remote access) are logged into the same Apple ID and are using the same WiFi network. Tap Settings on your iPhone device and navigate to the accessibility option. In the accessibility menu, turn on the ‘Switch Control’ mode. 

Tap on Switches from the next menu that appear to you by turning on the ‘Switch Control’ mode. Now select ‘Add New Switch’. Through this new switch, you have to locate the Switch Control menu for device selection. Select the option ‘Use Other Device’ and now choose your iPad device. The final step is to connect both by clicking on the ‘Connect’ button. 


Remote control ipad from iphone via Bluetooth


Bluetooth remote access seems a convenient option but unfortunately, you cannot remotely access your device via Bluetooth. But, there is one functionality that supports remote access. You can remote control your iPad volume using your iPhone via Bluetooth. Let’s see how it is possible.

  • First, you need to download ‘Volume Remote Control’ on your iPad and iPhone devices. 
  • The next step is to turn on the Bluetooth connection on both devices.
  • From the ‘Select Mode’ menu on the iPad, tap on ‘Receive Volume’.
  • From your iPhone ‘Select Mode’ menu, select ‘Control Volume’.
  • Now you can easily control iPad volume from your iPhone via bluetooth.


Take Away!

There are so many other options as well to remote control iPad from iPhone. If you want to learn about them, leave a comment. Also, if you face any issue using Switch Control options, you can send your query. If you know any way to remote control ipad from iphone via bluetooth, contact us. 


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