Do you have Windows 10 installed on your PC?  Are you willing to use keyboard keys for different functions than the default? Any key on your keyboard can be easily remapped to another key, or also a shortcut combination. This blog explains how you can reassign keyboard keys windows 10.

Every now and then, broken keyboard keys are a common issue.  Even though it is not a huge issue if the key is missing and the keypress still registers, it can be challenging if a typical key doesn’t function at all. Perhaps there are keys you keep hitting accidentally, like Caps Lock, or you’d just prefer a particular key to be in a more practical place. You can also have a keyboard key that you never appear to need or use.


reassign keyboards windows 10


A straightforward answer in each of such circumstances would be to assign new functions to the keyboard’s keys. Whether it is turning the key off or making it do something else. Users with more sophisticated skills may employ shortcut/hotkey utilities or software like a Macro tool, which can let you reassign keyboard keys windows 10 on a keyboard or even do more difficult tasks for you.


Reassign keyboard keys windows 10


Earlier, you need to install 3rd party softwares if you want to reassign keyboard keys windows 10. Now, it has become so easy, and let’s know-how! Do you know about the PowerToys tool? You can download this tool online and can use it to remap your keyboard keys. 

You can download PowerToys free from any online website like Softonic, etc. Upon complete installation, open the app settings and navigate to ‘Keyboard Manager>Remap a Key>Remap Keyboard> click + to add a new key mapping. 

Now define the columns “Key: and Mapped To:”. In the first, define the key you wish to remap and in the other, type the function you perform. To begin, you can select the function from the drop-down menu to type in the ‘Mapped To:’ column. If you intend to use a shortcut key combination, click on the ‘Type’ button and then press the key combinations you want. Once you have defined both sections, press ‘OK’. 

If the pop-up window appears that one of the keys will be left unassigned, then you should select ‘Continue Anyway’. It implies that you will not be able to access the default key function to which you just reassigned a different function. 

Now, under the ‘Keyboard Manager’ settings, you may notice the remapped key listed. It means that you have done it right and changes are saved – You can now use these settings. To add more key mappings, tap on ‘Remap a key’ again. After you have remapped all keys, you can close PowerToys Settings. 


How to reassign Fn keys?


Switching Fn Key functions from within Windows


Well, your operating system’s settings for Fn keys can be modified. You can modify function key settings through Windows Mobility Center if you have a Dell laptop running Windows 8 or 10.

On Windows 10, you can access the power menu by pressing Win +\and X together or by right-clicking the Start Menu button and choosing Mobility Center. You can also access Windows Mobility Center under Hardware and Sound in the Control Panel.

Customized by Dell Inc. > Drop down menu > Function Key Row > Function Key or Multimedia Key. 

Similar to this, the system configuration tool on laptops from different manufacturers can have the opportunity to adjust function key options. For example, you can modify function key behavior on a Lenovo laptop using the Lenovo Keyboard Manager or a Samsung laptop using the Samsung Settings app.


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Take Away!


Now, you know how to reassign keyboard keys windows 10 and can try any of the ways. If you feel it is difficult at any point, you can ask about it in the comment section. 


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