How do you enter the world of the internet? From the browser? Your browser is also your first line of defense against viruses and threats. The damage that viruses and spyware can do to your computer and your sensitive data depends on how safe your internet browser is. You might be thinking of an antivirus! Why don’t you think of browser security check tools like qualys browser check?


qualys browser check


Well, it can save you but it is recommended not to let the malware enter your computer, rather than trying to repair the damage after it has already occurred. So, what’s the way out? Can you locate the security holes in your browser? What particular could be the solution? Let’s talk about browser security in detail in this blog. 


Is Browser Security an important issue? 


It seems unusual at first to have to encrypt your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Why worry about the browser when we all have antivirus software installed on our PCs? Remember, antiviruses have limitations as well. 

These tools can only do some against dynamic internet threats because they are designed specifically for malware and virus removal. The browser should deal with issues like phishing or malicious scripts on a webpage.

These risks typically originate from malicious add-ons or ActiveX plugins, however, the adoption of HTML5 and SSL has significantly decreased the incidences. Currently, the main causes of issues include giving authorization to inappropriate websites or using an outdated browser with insufficient security protections.


Browser’s Security Policy: Should it be tested?


Keeping popular browsers updated is sufficient to allay the majority of security worries. The majority of the time, malicious plugins and outdated operating systems damage browser security.

Your computer may occasionally be exposed to assaults due to a firewall that is improperly set or from RSS feeds that are contaminated. This is why it’s so important to check your browser for vulnerabilities.

The test findings through qualys browser check can reveal any security flaws in your web browser, enabling you to address them before they become serious issues. There is no excuse not to try these tests because they are entirely free.


Qual Browser Check: Test your browser security


Using a dedicated browser security test is the quickest and easiest approach to examining your browser for issues. There are web programs that test your browser’s resistance to online threats and show the green flag if everything is deemed to be up to the task.

The best of all the browser security tests is Qualys’ Browser Check tool. Do you ever visit Qualys’ portfolio? Well, it is a very famous firm serving customers with information security services. You can either install the available plugin on the browser or use the Javascript version of Qualys browser check tool. Using a plugin for the Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox is a good idea as it offers a more detailed overview of the security feature of the browser. 

Other browser users like Opera, Safari, etc; may find it challenging to get the plugin to function. So, they are advised to use the Javascript test. However, it is fine for identifying apparent security flaws.


How’s My SSL


Nowadays, SSL is an important part of internet security. As a result, MITM attacks are avoided when a server and your browser communicate in an encrypted manner.

Same as any other standard, SSL is updated on a regular basis. Additionally, even though SSL is supported by all browsers by default, yours may not be able to run the most recent version. Without SSL, your connections are susceptible to tracking or interception, which is unsafe for financial transactions in particular.

So, here is where the browser security tests jump in. You can follow the link to visit this site and test how your browser stands in the SSL support context. 


Take Away!


Qualys browser check is the ideal option, however, you may think about others as well. If you have any prior experience with using Qualys, tell us in the comment section. 


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