After YouTube, Netflix is the top favorite video streaming platform. Even though Netflix is not free and you have to pay subscription charges, still, a huge population is using it. Maybe, the charges are affordable. Do you know how to watch netflix offline on laptop

Well, people are spoiled by YouTube and so they want to experience the same features on Netflix as well. Above all, Netflix users intend to download videos for watching offline later. Do you think it is possible?

You may have so many shows and films on the list to watch later. Or maybe your internet connection is not strong enough to stream without lagging. The entertainment taste is spoiled when you are excited to watch your favorite show and you cannot make it up due to internet issues. So, you better learn how to watch netflix offline on laptop. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the show or film to the fullest.



Netflix cares for the user’s demands and hence they have enabled this feature. Moreover, you also know that Netflix doesn’t sell ads, so they don’t tease you for online watching. If you have installed the Netflix app on your Android, iOS, and Windows devices, you can easily access this feature. 

Let’s browse this topic in detail on how to watch netflix offline on laptop to understand the possibilities and limitations. 


How to watch netflix offline on laptop?


If you are a Netflix user, you must understand that Netflix deletes the show episodes and movies that you have watched. After this, the next new episodes are automatically downloaded, so you may watch them offline later. This Netflix feature is named ‘Smart Downloads’. If you intend to download a series, the file sizes will be large and so, you should continue this procedure over WiFi. 


Using Netflix App to download content


Open your Netflix application installed on your PC or laptop. Navigate to the Download Section and make sure that your ‘Smart Downloads’ option is enabled. You can spot this option at the top of the open window and if it is disabled, click to toggle the choice. After it is enabled, now you can head to the section ‘Find Something to Download’ for search videos to download. 


how to watch netflix offline on laptop


Remember, this is an instant hack of the ‘Available for Download’ section you see in the main menu. Here, you will have access to a large number of Netflix-sponsored shows and movies available for download. However, the list will contain high-rated content and if you know which to download and which is not in the list, search it. Shows and movies that are available for download will have the ‘download symbol’ – a downward arrow next to the show or movie name. 

After you have decided on the show or movie to download and watch offline, download it. You may be a fan of the ‘Money Heist’ show or ‘Squid Game’. There are so many other entertaining shows as well to watch offline. Let it be a long drive or a long vacation, you will want to watch your favorite shows offline. Same as other download gestures, you will see the progress bar in a blue hue in the bottom section of the application. When the download is complete, the download arrow symbol will turn blue – it shows you can now watch it offline.

Now locate the ‘My Downloads’ section to access the downloaded content. You have now full control of the downloaded content to watch offline right away. You can download and save up to 100 videos on the laptop. 

If you like to watch videos in HD or 4K quality, you can download them in any high resolution you prefer. The only thing to consider is that your laptop should have enough space to store large size files. To adjust the video quality of the content to be downloaded, simply visit the App Settings menu. There, navigate to the Download section and change Video Quality settings as you want. 


Take Away!


Remember, don’t expect to get all your favorite content downloadable at Netflix. Same as YouTube, you may not be able to download some content that is protected by copyright infringement law. Moreover, other factors behind this include costs, rank, availability, and other concerns related to copyright law. You may then search other third-party platforms to download it offline like YouTube, Dailymotion, and others.