How to set up new hp laptop? Is it a tricky question to solve? NO!! Keep reading the blog to quickly do this. This straightforward install checklist will make sure you do not skip any important steps when setting up a new PC or upgrading an existing PC with a newly formatted system drive. 

The clean install is a time-honored tradition for long-term computer owners, a method to give an old computer fresh life and rapidly fix annoyances brought on by 3rd-party software. This post guide is helpful for people using Windows 10 version 20H2 and later. If you are formatted your system and now again want to set it up, then don’t miss any of the steps discussed. Keep reading to learn how to set up new hp laptop


Steps to set up a new HP Laptop


Windows Installation: 1st Step


Your job starts with installing Windows 10 on the newly formatted laptop. You can either get the latest installer files online or use a CD. If you are importing files online then use Media Creation Tool to make a bootable USB drive for window installation. Let’s follow the next steps on how to set up new hp laptop


Turn on Internet


If you don’t have a stable internet connection, then do not expect to continue setting up the laptop longer. YOU WILL HAVE TO PAUSE FOR AN UNDEFINED PERIOD. So, first, manage to enable a stable internet connection so you don’t have to wait for hours to get things done. 

In most laptop cases that are in use for 5 years, the built-in Windows 10 network drivers will function normally. You may be asked to connect to Wi-Fi to proceed. After Windows 10 is installed, you can navigate to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Network & Internet’ to check the ‘Status’. If it’s connected and functional, then it’s fine to continue. 

Your next step is to navigate to the ‘Update & Security’ tab from the ‘Settings’ menu. Go to ‘Activation’ to verify that Windows is installed to the latest version and is activated. If there is any update required, do it manually. 

Keep reading to learn how to set up new hp laptop.


2-Step Authentication


If you want to set authentication options, use a Microsoft account. If this is your company laptop, then you might be using AZURE AD ACCOUNT. To avoid hackers’ attacks, set up a 2-factor authentication. It will work for sure to save your laptop from getting hacked. You can install Microsoft Authenticator App and log in with your Microsoft account to sync details. It will ease the login process and account recovery in case you forget your password.


BitLocker: Encrypt System Drive


An agony situation in which your laptop is lost or stolen and a thief can boot from an external device and peruse its contents without consequence is avoided by encrypting the data on your system drive. Encrypting the entire device to make sure that only you or someone else with the recovery key can access its contents is your best line of defense. You can try BitLocker as well to encrypt the system drive. 


how to set up new hp laptop


For the steps given next on how to set up new hp laptop, you can read a detailed guide in the article ‘How To Set Up A New Laptop With Windows 10?‘.

  • Check updates and configure Windows Update settings
  • Get device drivers up to date
  • Set your default browser and password manager

Other than these steps you should also configure cloud storage like OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. You can also restore the previously stored data if your laptop or device was synced with OneDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox. 

After being done with cloud storage, you should then install Office and other cloud-based applications. It is very much important to download all Microsoft Office Products. Followed these setups, and now set up the email and calendar accounts so you don’t miss anything. Last but not least – Set up the default printer and other hardware. It is essential if you have such hardware and will be using them often. 


Take Away!


This was a simple guide on how to set up new hp laptop. You may leave a comment if you want to know any other information related to the topic.


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