Your kid is maybe spending the majority of their time using the Google Chrome browser to search for information on a variety of topics, from video games to humorous content to homework assignments. Parental controls must be set up in order to protect youngsters on Google. Let’s discuss how to put parental control on Google in this post.

You are an adult and very well know how the internet behaves. So, do you believe that your children will not be exploited online? If so, you should give it another thought. The internet is not a secure environment, especially for kids, as there are numerous online threats all around them. GOOGLE IS LOVE! Let it be a child or an adult, Chrome and Playstore are hot favorites.

Setting up parental controls on Google


When children use the internet for browsing, they are subject to a number of risks. Sometimes they can make a mistake while using the internet, went in the wrong direction, and then get lost on a dumpy site. Either on purpose or by accident, children access unsuitable stuff online.

It is also true that children and youngsters are deeply involved in searching for adult content on the internet. Your 10 years old child may unintentionally be exposed to such content on the internet under lack of supervision. In either case, worried parents question what they can do to stop their children from looking for or accidentally running across adult content sites on Google.

Luckily, Google has the solution! It offers parental control features for worried parents to protect their children from bad exposures. Keep reading to learn how to put parental control on google

Let’s look at some of the parental control features provided by Google that you can use to prevent your kids from browsing inadvertently and viewing adult content. Let’s explore in the next paragraphs how to put parental control on google


how to put parental control on google


Google SafeSearch


One of the main parental control features provided by Google to assist parents in filtering some search results for their kids is Google SafeSearch. It filters out adult content from the search results. Remember, SafeSearch by Google is primarily intended to target content that is sexually explicit. However, the violent content will not be filtered. Therefore, you must comprehend the difference.


How to enable Google SafeSearch on PCs?


If you are interested to enable Googe SafeSearch, then follow these steps to do it right away. 

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to the ‘Search results’ section, and locate the ‘SafeSearch Filters’ section. Now, check the box ‘Turn On SafeSearch’. 
  3. Next, ‘Save’ the settings to finish.


See, how simple it is to set up parental controls on Google. It took only a few minutes and you are set to go for safe browsing. 

When SafeSearch is enabled or disabled properly, Google notifies you via a confirmation message in the browser. If you have any doubts that the feature is disabled, you can verify it by assessing the top of the search result page of the Chrome browser. If you can locate the message ‘SafeSearch is locked’, it implies that is not disabled. 

Here is another point to remember it is not 100% effective and some of the content may appear in rare cases. Again, it is recommended to turn it on. You can also enable parental control on YouTube. 


How to enable SafeSearch on Mobile Phones?


It is not enough to enable SafeSearch only on PC, so enable it on phones as well. Here is the procedure of how to put parental control on google


  1. Launch Google Chrome on the phone and navigate to the menu to open the Settings section.
  2. Select ‘General’ and search for the SafeSearch option while scrolling down the page.
  3. Enable the SafeSearch option if you wish you block adult content from appearing in search results.


Take Away!

It is always better to set up parental control on Google Chrome to protect your children from online threats. If you still face any issues following these guides on how to put parental control on google, then leave a comment.


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