How To Keep House Cool In Summer Naturally?

how to keep house cool in summer naturally


You may be tired of browsing through the expensive technology to keep your home cooler in summer. The only way out is to search for how to keep house cool in summer naturally. Moreover, global warming has made it impossible to rely only on ACs to keep the house cool. So, it is mandatory to browse other options as well. This blog discusses how you can naturally keep your house cooler – strategies that are light on your pocket.


keep a house cool in summer


Ways to naturally cool the house


Here is the answer to your question that how to keep house cool in summer naturally.  


  • Properly Ventilate the house

It is mutually agreed by environmentalists and weather specialists, that cross-air flow is the right way to ventilate an area. So, you should open windows in a manner that cross ventilation is enabled. You should open windows early in the morning (5 am to 8 am), and at night (8 m to 10 pm). You will find it more refreshing during these time periods, and the heat that has been trapped inside the home can leave. 


ventilate the house


During summers, you should leave windows open at night as the temperatures drop dramatically. The cool breeze will enter the house making it cooler. Moreover, follow precautions like installing insect nets on doors and windows for keeping bugs and mosquitoes away. 


  • Add window blinds.


Your interiors may become very warm because of the windows’ ability to absorb external heat. To keep the unwelcome heat away, it’s crucial to install shades that block off the sun’s rays. From 11 am to 4 pm, draw the blinds. Try to buy breathable heat reflective material and avoid dark colors. You should go with white and soft hues. While leaving the room, again, remember to draw the blinds so the room doesn’t turn overheated. 


window blinds


  • Install natural fabrics on beds, curtains, etc.

If you have experienced resting on the leather couch in summers, you must have noticed how hot and sticky leather gets against the skin. You should remember that some materials absorb heat fast, like polyesters. You can buy linen and cotton bedsheets to avoid over-heating. If you choose a light, airy fabric, you may also immediately make a drab room look brighter. Keep reading how to keep house cool in summer naturally


cool fabric


  • Use light cool colored paints

As the summer is going on and the weather is dry, so let’s paint the walls. Get your house a holiday makeover so it will continue to look good all year. You should try light colors like beige, white, aqua, pastel yellow, and millennial pink. You’ll get a chance to inspect your walls as you paint your home and get them ready for the rainy season.


light wall paint


  • Create a Summer Kitchen

This dates back to the days when food was prepared and preserved in a separate setting during the sweltering summer months. Another form of this is a “dogtrot house“, which consisted of 2 independent one-story houses connected by an open breezeway; one side was often used for sleeping and the main living space, while the other side was typically used for cooking and the kitchen.


summer kitchen


  • Roof treatments

Making the decision to paint your roof with UV reflective paint is a wise choice because it can help lower the indoor temperature by some degrees. You can try waterproof roof coating as these have a cooling impact due to their heat reflectance technology. The roof protection coating helps to reflect harmful UV rays, which limits heat absorption, lowers energy costs, and has a detrimental effect on the environment. 


roof treatments


  • Be smart while painting the house.

Evaluate other energy-efficient wall options while you are inspecting the roof. Your home will stay cooler in the hottest weather with better insulation and cooling characteristics. If you have ever questioned why it’s advised to wear white clothing in the summer, there’s a scientific explanation. Dark colors absorb heat, while light colors reflect it.


reflective paint


The same holds true for light-colored walls. It is preferable to change your wall colors to less heat-absorbing hues like whites and pastels if you reside in a warm, tropical region. Dark colors like red, black, and others quickly warm up a home by absorbing heat from the outside. Choose cooling and light-colored UV-reflective paints, as it is one of the most efficient ways to keep the house cool in the summer.


Take Away!


It sounds good that you can keep your house cool without using electricity. Europe is facing extreme hot weather and they are in need of information on how to keep house cool in summer naturally. The suggestions, explained in this blog may help them to buy heat absorbing material for room


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