I think the kitchen area is enough to serve you hot waves but when the same happens to you in the room, it is exhausting. But, this will happen if your room faces the sun. The morning sunshine may freshen you, but daylight will ruin your peace. This blog explains how to keep a room cool that faces the sun.

You may not be in favor of installing AC or using AC 24/7. So, you might need alternate suggestions. However, you should stay relaxed as technology is not the only dead solution, there are some other options as well.


how to keep a room cool that faces the sun


Ways to keep the room cool


Your motive is to let in the light but not the heat. Sometimes, you prefer not to let in any light and also heat, while many of you like to have enough light with no heat. Both of the situations can be adopted. So, let’s explore the following ideas on how to keep a room cool that faces the sun


Window Treatments


You may manage how much light enters the room by using window blinds, curtains, and drapes. If the window pane is completely covered with such materials, the sun heat and light can be completely blocked from entering the room. As these window treatments are proven to function best, a light-colored or reflective backing might be something to think about along such installations. Your interior’s beauty can be enhanced by adding your preferred window treatment type.


window treatments




Awnings don’t immediately regulate a room’s temperature, but they can help your home breathe better, which will lower the humidity. On a hot day, you can leave your windows open to let cool, fresh air into your house. Awnings also allow you to enjoy the cool wind while having a shade that shields you from the sun rays. 



Double-pane Windows


If your aim is to block heat and not light, then you should count on the energy-efficient double-pane windows. They will efficiently keep the room cooler while letting in natural light. Additionally, if the temperature inside is lower, your AC will not have to work as hard to keep the area cool, saving you money on electricity.


double pane windows




Commonly, we all open up the windows and doors in the morning to let the sunshine in and for cool breezes as well. Whether you have installed curtains or drapes, you will open them to fully allow the airflow. By this, you may be able to breathe more fresh air but this is not your shield against the sun’s UV rays. Remember, these ultraviolet rays can damage your skin and wall’s paint while the cold breeze will cause curtains to fly noisily and hurt the wall paint integrity. 




If you have installed window shutters, you can regulate airflow in a customized manner. When you are anxious about how to keep a room cool that faces the sun, this is the best solution. In this way, you may cut down the heat flow while keeping the house cooler. Moreover, you are protecting your furniture as well from being damaged by direct sunlight. 


Use fans


Consider using a fan instead of an AC if you dislike them. They are extremely efficient but can also be energy hogs, so use them wisely to keep your energy costs down.




Since temperature increases, as you are likely aware, the ground floor of your home will have the coolest air. In light of this, position your fan on the floor with its blades pointing upward and toward the opposite wall. Also, make sure there are no obstructions such as furniture or other things in the way. This will cause colder air to rebound off the wall and then return into the space, mixing with warm air to help lower the temperature. Another excellent technique to deal with the hot air in the room head-on is using ceiling fans.

You may also try a typical remedy to take the most advantage of fans. Simply, place ice and cold water bowl next to the fan blades, so the airflow across it. This works as a DIY AC and will control humidity as well since icy water droplets are randomly dispersed in the room and cool the air quickly. 


Take Away!

Now you know how to keep a room cool that faces the sun and you are free to try any of the above strategies. The goal is to keep a room cool, so try anything possible and feel at peace at home. You may also try breathable heat reflective fabric like aluminum or copper if you can afford it and find it effective.


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