Buying Kindle paperwhite is every reader’s dream! If you have achieved it, Congrats! Let’s not waste more time and explore the bookshelves to add the best books to your library. But are you in the position to buy new books as you already spent so much on buying Kindle Paperwhite? How to get books on Kindle paperwhite? Hold on! Everything is answered in this blog post, keep reading. 


how to get books on kindle paperwhite


Steps to get books on Kindle Paperwhite


Follow the below-detailed guide on how to get books on kindle paperwhite.

  • Register Kindle Paperwhite with Amazon.

If you want to download books on Kindle, then before anything, register the device with Amazon. If you made this purchase via Amazon, then it will be already registered. In case you bought outside from Amazon, register it by visiting the Settings section of your Amazon account. 

  • Set up internet connection.

To proceed, you should establish a good network connection. You can do it by visiting the Settings section and then configuring Wifi or Bluetooth. You will ‘3G’ appearing in the top corner on setting up the wireless connection. If you cannot set up an internet connection, then use a USB cable connection to transfer books. 

  • Start buying Books.

You should know that you can easily buy books from Amazon and get them downloaded directly on Kindle. If you don’t want to spend money on buying books, get them free. 

  • Transfer books from Library.

You can import books from the local library if you have a library card. This can be done using OverDrive. Amazon Prime members can access Amazon’s Library as well to borrow books for a month. 

If you already have books downloaded and want to transfer them to your Kindle, read the article: ‘How To Download Books On Kindle For Free?’.


How to get books on kindle paperwhite for free? 


You can download free ebooks from different online platforms. You can use Calibre for downloading free ebooks as it offers access to a wide range of ebooks by different authors.  

If you are US public library associate, download OverDrive on either Windows or macOS. Using OverDrive, you can download Kindle books via Amazon from public library catalogs. 

Other than OverDrive, you can also use Project Gutenberg. It is one of the famous and oldest platforms that can help you get free ebooks on Kindle Paperwhite. Follow the below guide on how to get books on kindle paperwhite via Project Gutenberg. 

  1. In the Library, you will find so many books to download. You can download them as PDFs and email them to Kindle via email. 
  2. If you want historical and academic content, navigate to

Here are some other quick links to follow;

  1. – download  mixes classics and self-published titles
  2. FeedBooks – Download Classics and self-published content
  3. – Download self-published content
  4. BookBub – Download romance novels


Calibre: A free tool to get books on kindle paperwhite


Anything available for free is attractive. So, why not give a try to Calibre? Let it be MAC or WINDOWS, Calibre will format any ebook type. REMEMBER! It supports copyright infringement on books bought from Amazon or other famous book-selling stores. Thus, you may not be able to reformat books with copyrights. 

On setting up the software, you will be asked to enter the ebook reader model. There will be a pop-up screen that recommends sending books via email. There, you will enter the Kindle email address and also the sender’s email address. 

When the software is all set up, tap on ‘Add Books’ and select from the free ebook files you have downloaded. Upon adding books, they will show up in the Calibre library. Tap on an entry in the Calibre library and select ‘Convert Books’. Also, remember to set ‘Output Format’ to Mobi. Tap ‘OK’ and stay patient until file conversion is done. Next, again select the title and tap on ‘Save to Disk’. 

Select the destination folder. It will create a new subfolder with the author’s name. You can use a USB cable to drag and drop files to Kindle. Moreover, you can send any file via Email to Kindle. 


Where to locate the downloaded ebooks?


When the ebook is emailed, navigate to Kindle and select ‘Home’ and then ‘Your Library’. In only a few minutes, you will be able to see your sent documents if Kindle is connected to the internet. 

If you want to delete the ebook, you can click on 3-dots on the bottom right of the ebook in Library. From the menu that appears, select ‘Remove Download’ and it will permanently delete the ebook from your Kindle. 


Take Away!


This blog post explained how to get books on kindle paperwhite. If you have any queries in mind related to the transfer of ebooks to kindle, you can leave a comment. 


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