Not all journeys have a pre-decided destination. Many of them end in surprising locations. Hectic work routines bring out depressing nights which may urge you to just go on vacation. But where? No idea! It happens that you just want to go somewhere else and don’t really care where you are going. So, how to find cheap flights without destination? What if you find a cheap flight to a surprising location? You won’t wait for a second more and will say ‘yes’.


how to find cheap flights without destination


This blog post brings you amazing ways to find the cheapest flights anywhere. You can book your flights online and just pack the luggage to fly away. 


Finding cheap flights to anywhere


Here is a detailed review of different platforms that let you search for cheap flights anywhere. The basic rule of using these search engines is to type the departure city and not the destination. Moreover, you can filter the search by date, and not by destination. 



Above all others in the list, ‘Skyscanner’ is the best search engine to find the cheapest flights anywhere. It is simple to search for cheap flights – keep the ‘To’ field blank or type ‘Everywhere’. It is another way to find last-minute cheap flights without a destination. When you are using Skyscanner, you are getting different quotes from different months. It is helpful if you have a flexible vacation schedule. Moreover, you will be able to look up the cheapest month as well. You can check in the ‘Depart’ box to search for cheap flights for a complete month. 

Do you know about map search at Skyscanner? It is the key to finding cheap flights without a destination. When you visit the website, search for a map and tap on it to access the airfare map showing prices. On the map, choose the departure city or select the airport and date. To have fare details, you can view only for 1 month in one go. Well, again, this is the most affordable way to search for cheap flights anywhere. 

You can also download the Skyscanner application on the iPhone, and Androids. All features from the website are accessible on the app as well. 

There is one drawback of the platform as well. The prices mentioned are not the final prices as they are not updated regularly. However, as the platform is easy to use and the fares mentioned are somehow very much accurate, so this is the best answer to how to find cheap flights without destination



Another tool to search for cheap flights anywhere is the ‘KAYAK Explore’ tool. You will define the departure city and choose ‘Anytime’. You can search airfares for different seasons when planning a long-term vacation. The search results will appear on the map. Drag and zoom any region to see the airfares. 

Search filters on the Kayak website are enjoyable – filter results by weather and activities. Even, you filter searches by budget. Although it is among the greatest inexpensive airfare finders available, it has some drawbacks. It gives your round trip fares and hence totally useless if you want to search deep. Moreover, not all available flights are listed and hence you can only search for specific regions. 

You can download the Kayak app for free on your Android or iPhone devices. If you want to use the map, then click on ‘Explore the world’ on the homescreen. 



Other than Skyscanner and Kayak Explore, you have another option as well. It is GOOGLE FLIGHTS. It is another good answer to the question ‘how to find cheap flights without destination’. 

Although it works quickly and the prices are accurate, it simply lacks sufficient functionality for searches to arbitrary low-cost locations. The main disadvantage is that you can’t look for the cheapest airfares for a whole month or year without specifying a departure date.

Another annoying feature of Google Flights is that you cannot delete the ‘Return’ field edits if you mistakenly type them wrong. Else, you have to repeat the search. The best thing about this search engine is the filters available. The requirement of specifying the exact departure date is annoying sometimes. 


Take Away!


It was all about how to find cheap flights without destination. If you still want help with finding cheap flights, you can leave a message. 



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