Reading is a pleasant habit that we all should have adopted. If you love reading too, then how do you manage to access your favorite literature stock? Carrying a book anywhere is troublesome and hectic. So, what if you get a digital version of the same book and keep it on your phone or tablet? Amazon Kindle is the leading program helping readers all around the world. As the name suggests, it is a program by Amazon. 

Kindle is simply an integration in the Amazon ecosystem and it makes you buy content from Amazon. IT IS COSTLY!! Do you want an ideal alternative to this that will let you grab books for free? Are you willing to learn how to download books on kindle for free? So, let’s talk in detail about the free software that will ease your job. Keep reading to learn the complete procedure!


how to download books on kindle for free


Downloading Books on Kindle for free


Here are steps of how to download books on kindle for free!

  • Get your Kindle email

Have you tried the transfer of books to Kindle via email? If yes, you would have known how much easy it is. Follow the below steps to get your Kindle’s email. 

  1. Visit on the laptop or PC internet browser. Alternatively, you can go to the ‘Account’ tab and navigate to the section ‘Your devices and content’. Now tap on ‘Manage Devices’. 
  2. On the devices tab, search for the related Kindle device and select it. Next, in the drop-down menu, tap [your name’s] Kindle. 
  3. Another page will appear to you where you will see ‘Device Summary’ containing your email address. It will be a default email address, however, if you want to change it, you can by tapping Edit.
  4. On the main menu, now, navigate to the ‘Preferences’ tab. On this menu, select ‘Personal Document Settings’ and locate ‘Approved Personal Document Email List’. You will find the Amazon-associated email here. If you are going to use the same email address to send e-books, then it is all fine. If you need to enter a different email, you can tap on ‘Add a new approved email address and type the email you want to use. 


Keep in mind that while you are making these changes, make sure to connect Kindle to the internet either over WiFi or a 3G network. 

  • Think of the EBook Format

The above heading explained how you can send ebooks to Kindle via email. Now is the time to understand which ebook format will work best. 


Mobi Format

Before proceeding, keep in mind that Amazon doesn’t support Mobi format on new and updated versions of Kindle. But, you can still read the existing ebooks in the Mobi format. Create an email and attach the files to it. Now, send it to Kindle’s email address, and upon sending, it will appear on the Kindle soon. If you have connected your computer with Kindle via USB, you can then drag and drop files. 


PDF Format

When you upload PDFs to Kindle, files are automatically formatted. If your preference is to display pages in PDF as a picture, then you should email the .pdf file to Kindle’s email address without any subject. If you add files in this format, the format and graphics are the same, but the font size is too small to read. 

The other way is to attach PDF files to the email body and assign a subject ‘convert’. You have to only type this single command as a subject. Upon sending to Kindle, it will be converted to Mobi format and it enables you to customize font size also. You will be able to access graphics, but the default layout will be lost. 


EPUB Format

The most common e-book format is EPUB, but again, it is not Kindle-friendly. Well, you can again read EPUB files in Kindle by converting them to Mobi format. 


Take Away!

Here it was how to download books on kindle for free. So, let’s not waste more time and start making your own bookshelf on Kindle.


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