You don’t like the big screens? OH! Don’t lie! Maybe you are an exception. Well, this blog addresses big screen lovers who have bought smart TVs. 

Let it be Olympics live on YouTube and you are not satisfied with the mobile screen. Would you like to see the bigger picture to enjoy the event fully? Let’s talk about how to connect your phone to your tv wireless. I understand how bad it feels to see wires on the floor. 

Every new year, you have so many smartphone updates on the go. Most come with a minimum 6-inch OLED panel, dual speakers, and so many other features. However, there is still nothing that compares to the luxury of lounging on the couch and watching content on the TV.

Fortunately, the latest smartphones have a fantastic feature in-built that lets you mirror content from the device to the TV. This blog talks all about how to connect your phone to your tv wireless


Screen Mirroring: Connect the phone to the TV wireless


Before explaining what is screen mirroring, let’s talk about something very familiar. If you use YouTube frequently, you would have noticed an option on the screen while playing the video ‘Connect to a device. On selecting, there will be a few options and one of them will be ‘Link with TV code’. Somewhere in the YouTube menu, you may also see the option ‘Cast your screen’. Both of these allow you to connect mobile with the TV. This is actually the concept of screen mirroring. 

It is an advanced feature that lets you cast your mobile screen on TV wirelessly. You will find this feature helpful when you want to display pictures, play games, and watch movies on a bigger display. 

In contrast to early models of TVs, which require a media stick or media player to function, smart TVs come with built-in screen mirroring. Some of the most well-known video streaming devices that offer screen mirroring include Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, and Roku.

You should have a Smart TV and a phone to cast a screen on the TV. Check your network connection if WiFi is enabled on both devices and working fine. Make sure Google Chromecast is installed on the Smart TV or there is any other streaming device connected. 


How to connect your phone to your tv wireless?


The terms and procedures to enable the feature may differ depending on the smartphone manufacturer, even though screen mirroring is integrated with most smartphones. Follow the below guide on how to connect your phone to your tv wireless

  1. Access the Quick Settings panel and search for the ‘Cast Screen’ option. 
  2. If you still can’t locate the option, click on the Edit button and see for any similar option. You may see something like ‘Smart Mirroring’, etc. 
  3. Long press the button to select it and drag it to the Quick Settings menu. 
  4. Now, enable this option and search for your device. 
  5. On finding the name of the device in the available devices list, select it. 

As soon you select the device, screen mirroring starts. If you want to disable screen mirroring, again tap on the screen mirroring option. Any android device above version 5.0 has this feature installed. 

Check to verify whether your device has the ability to wirelessly connect Android to TV in settings if the screencast option is missing from the Quick settings panel.


Screen mirroring using the Google Home App


You can use Google Home App as well to connect your phone with your TV wirelessly. It will work only if you have a Chromecast or a Smart TV with a built-in Chromecast. Here are the steps on how to connect your phone with your TV wireless

  1. Open the Google play store and download the Google Home App on your phone. 
  2. If Google Chromecast isn’t ready to use, then set up it first. If the TV has a built-in Chromecast feature, it will show up automatically. 
  3. Select the device and then click on ‘Cast my screen’ at the bottom.
  4. Now select ‘Start Now’. 
  5. If you want to end screen mirroring, choose ‘Stop mirroring’ from the ‘Cast my screen’ options. 


Take Away


This was all about how to connect your phone to your tv wireless. If you know any other method, leave it in the comment section. Moreover, do comment on the name of the feature available on your phone. 


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