The majority of the latest smartphones allow users to connect their devices to TVs in order to share content on a bigger screen. The phone can be connected to a TV in a number of ways. We’ll demonstrate how to connect phone to smart tv wirelessly in this article. You can use a cable connection that is not internet-required or a wireless connection over Wi-Fi to connect a phone. 


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Typically, a wired connection entails the use of an HDMI or USB cable. You can view the contents of your iPhone or Android on the larger screen after connecting the device to the TV. Let’s keep scrolling to learn how to connect phone to smart tv wirelessly


How to connect phone to smart tv wirelessly


You may cast content from your smartphone to the TV using apps like YouTube, Disney Plus, and other ones as the majority of modern TVs have built-in internet compatibility. With the help of a streaming stick, you may also project images and videos from the Gallery app to your phone. There are many streaming products on the market that let you connect your smartphone to a TV without built-in internet connectivity.

Nowadays, connecting an Android phone to a smart TV is rather straightforward. Modern smartphones and TVs come equipped with simple-to-use features that make content sharing a snap. Here are a few methods for wirelessly connecting an Android phone to a TV.

Connecting an Android phone to a TV is pretty simple these days. Advanced smartphones and TVs feature easy-to-use technologies that make sharing content a breeze. Here are some of the ways you can connect an Android phone to a TV wirelessly. 


  • Chromecast


Any outdated TV with an HDMI connector can be transformed into a smart TV with Chromecast. Yet, for this to function, you do require an internet connection. The content can then be easily streamed to the larger display by simply wirelessly connecting your phone to the Chromecast. You cannot cast your whole phone because not all applications are Chromecast compatible.

Google Chromecast is a very cost-effective alternative to using a Micro HDMI connector to wirelessly link an Android phone to a TV if one is not available on your device.

With Chromecast, you can do a lot more than just project films from your PC, YouTube, or Netflix. When you plug in the Chromecast dongle to the smart TV, configure the Google Home app to detect Chromecast by your TV. You can create a connection and set it up using this. Hit the cast icon or logo on your phone’s screen to cast to use the Google Home app to mirror the Android device’s display to your TV.


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  • Android Screen Mirroring


For apps without the Cast option, Android does provide a screen mirroring feature. You can access this function from the Google Home app or by bringing down the settings shade on your smartphone and looking for a Cast icon. Download this application on your phone and launch it after it is installed. Log in to the app using your Gmail account and select the room, device, and internet network to connect. Once the app is set up, select the device you want to cast to. 


  • Roku


Roku is a content streaming device that helps you to connect your phone to a smart tv wirelessly. It also features a screen mirroring option and thus allows to cast screen. Though, Roku is not compatible with any Apple device. 


Take Away!


A smart TV and your smartphone screen together can be the ideal fit. An amazing method to explore photo albums, streaming films, videos, audio tracks, video games, online TV shows, apps, and more is by connecting your phone to a smart TV. This blog was a brief guide on how to connect phone to smart tv wirelessly


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