You have made a wise decision. There are so many of you who don’t care about learning forex trading and just want to jump in it. Do you seriously think that you can become rich overnight even knowing nothing about forex trading? IT IS NOT THAT EASY!! 

Let’s see which are the factors that matter in the context of how long does it take to learn forex trading.

Learning is the first step to success being a forex trader. The more skills and trading strategies you have mastered, the more chances to make a good profit. 


how long does it take to learn forex trading


Will it take too long to learn forex trading or you will be able to make it in a few hours? Well, if you search the internet for this, you will find endless ways to learn forex trading, and also, the duration will be specified. Some may be claiming to make you learn in 10 min, 30 min, or an hour. While others may claim about letting you master the forex trading in 3 days. So, it all depends on where you learn and how fast you learn.  


How long does it take to learn forex trading?


A ‘sad goodbye’ to those who are dreaming to get rich overnight and thus are looking for shortcuts to trading success. DON’T FALL FOR BIG PROMISES LIKE WINNING VILLAS OR ROLEX!! Let’s talk and listen straightforwardly. 

The best thing here to note is that you have much command over the factors that determine how long does it take to learn forex trading.

Much like how having a trading account does not automatically make you a trader. The difference is that if you’re to view the market chart for the first time, you would realize right away that you had no idea what you were doing.

Therefore, why do so many novice traders believe they can trade when they initially begin? You should not be overconfident and neither trade in black hats. Is it just a buy and sell order? This gives it the appearance of being more simpler than it is. Beginners are placed for failure when they are urged to start trading on demo accounts, where they frequently succeed because there is no pressure to risk real money.


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Interrogate yourself!


Ask yourself a few things like if your targets are achievable. Trading is a challenging profession. Nobody who is successful believes it is simple. If it were simple, the failure rate would be lower than 80%.

It will take much time, effort, and hard work to learn how to trade in Forex or any other market. Some of you might want to fight against that fact because you want it to be true so much. Many of you also believe that trading is the answer to all of life’s issues.

Here is the suggestion for individuals as defined earlier. 


  • Don’t accept everything you hear about trading success and failure – Above all, accept the fact of going to bankruptcy in the majority of the cases. Let’s register on any forex trading platform and begin with it. You will realize this over time. Experiencing trading independently will make you learn the true scope of the profession. If you assumed it is always EASY! Here will be the JERKY RIDE either to success or to FAILURE. The time and effort you will invest in it will make you learn great lessons. 


Time and Energy Calculations


Well, the energy of forex traders is not negotiable. Let’s show some passion and stay spiritual always the same throughout the game. ‘Getting rich’ will not drive you a long-lasting motivation, so find something else more interesting. 

You should find trading itself interesting and enjoyable. Develop your trading psychology, fine-tune successful trading approaches, and keep leveling up your expertise. 

Traders may also need to stay updated on the political, economical, and global news. On the whole, get involved in everything that matters in the forex market. 

CLEAR ABOUT ENERGY? Let’s talk about time!

It’s up to you how much time you will be spending. It is clear that you will require enough time to dedicate to learning trading or you will end up learning nothing. How much time you have for learning trading is the actual question here. There is a huge difference, for instance, between someone who does not have those obligations and someone who works full-time has 2 small children and has other commitments.

If you don’t have enough time – Unfortunately, it will take longer. Though, it is not an issue but is a considerable factor in anybody’s situation. 

Not just quantity of time matters, but also the quality of time. You should concentrate on the work at hand when learning to trade the Forex or other markets. You should not attempt to multitask or pay only partial attention.


Take Away!


It was all about how long does it take to learn forex trading. The ideal time period is 12 months!! If you are putting in time and effort, you will get the results soon. Same as other education journeys, you will keep learning throughout life and you should be flexible enough to adapt to the advancements. 


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