Android users must know much about Google Fi. Well, any android user always stays updated about Google apps. Project Fi is not new, it’s been years since it was launched. But, the early release had some limitations, so it didn’t become much popular. There are so many network carriers, but what if you get one from Google? Expectations are HIGH? Relax, this blog covers everything you should know about Google Fi as you may be searching google fi customer service number for help. If something still goes unclear, you can ring them. 

Before exploring the details, keep in mind that Google Fi is a Google-operated mobile phone carrier. You can avail of Google Fi services on T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular networks if you are an American resident. Moreover, over WiFi, calls, and texting is possible as well.  


Google Fi Plans


There are 2 Unlimited Plans and 1 Flexible Plan offered by Google Fi. If you choose a Flexible plan, you can purchase unlimited talk and text on 1 line for a month for twenty dollars. When this expires or is consumed fully, you will be charged ten dollars for each GB of data you consume. When you have consumed 6GB of data in 30 days, the total bill at the end of the month will be sixty dollars. However, you can keep using data services. 

What does this all mean? It is GOOD NEWS!! You will be able to use unlimited data for the remaining month once 6GB of data is consumed and billing is fixed – $80. This bill is the sum of base charges ($20) and data charges ($60). 


When your data consumption reaches 15GB, the network speed is slowed to 256kbps. And, if you want fast speed, you can pay ten dollars for each GB you will use. 

If your data usage is high as you may need to use the internet daily for different reasons, buy an Unlimited plan. Buy this if you are sure that you use more than 15GB. This plan will cost you fifty dollars monthly with 1 line. When you exceed the data limit of 35GB, the internet speed will slow down. On this plan, same as other plans by Fi, there is no data roaming benefit and no data SIM option. Well, 5GB of mobile hotspot data is given. 

Do you still need to know google fi customer service number? Well, keep reading and if something is still bothering you, you can contact them. 

Another plan by Fi, ‘Unlimited Plus’ is to satisfy the users who want everything. It starts at sixty-five dollars per month and you get 50GB of fast internet data with data roaming services. Moreover, a free data SIM option and fast-speed hotspot will be given. You can dial free calls in more than fifty countries and get free Google One 100GB of cloud storage. 

If you have more than one lines to engage, you can save some pennies, with the charges per line. You can add up to 5 lines on the Flexible plan. Let’s suppose that you have six lines, however, the charges per line are the same as 4. It is a great deal for your money that you get a data-only SIM for free. It lets you share data with another device without setting up a hotspot. 


Is data roaming supported by Google Fi? 


One of Google Fi’s Flexible and Unlimited Plus plans main advantages over other carriers is that they operate globally in more than 200 countries with no extra charges for messaging or data use. When using international cellular networks, you can call any number for a flat charge of $0.20 per minute or for much less money when using Wi-Fi. Additionally, free Wi-Fi calls to the US are available. Based on your plan, data consumed internationally is paid the same way it is at home.

There is only one issue to note – internet speed varies per region. In many regions of Europe and Asia, you may enjoy full LTE speeds, with a low risk of losing the network when switching between data roaming carriers. 


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Google Fi Customer Support Number


If you are not satisfied with the details in this blog and still need to ask the customer support center, then contact them on toll-free number: 1-844-TALK-2-FI. 


Google fi customer service number


If you cannot dial this number, try following the google fi customer service number;

  1. (844) 825-5234
  2. (650) 253-0000
  3. (866) 246-6453


Take Away!


Reaching out to google fi customer service number may be a time-consuming process, so you may also contact them through email. However, it is suggested to look up live support chat if available. 



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