Want to know about facebook reels on desktop? Let’s begin! Facebook was once a messaging and social sharing platform but now the entertainment has exceeded the possibilities. TikTok, Snack Video, Likee, etc are trending short video platforms. What do they all have in common? REELS!! FB got inspiration and to hold users more at the platform, released REELS functionality.

You can share a 30-second reel on FB to boost your account engagements. All of you may be using FB apps on phones, but there are some who use FB on desktops. So, you may be anxious to learn how to create facebook reels on desktop


facebook reels on desktop


Facebook Reels: Are these the same as TikTok?


With a few exceptions, Facebook Reels and TikTok videos have a very similar format. Reels’ brief videos frequently use catchy music tracks and feature a variety of content, such as outfit tries, emotional rants, and embarrassing/funny memes. You can respond to other people’s videos on TikTok with a Duet or Stitch. The option was not operational at the time of testing, despite the fact that FB intends to produce something comparable called a Remix.

Before discussing facebook reels on desktop, you should know that FB reels are not accessible on desktops. Only Android and iPhone users can access it. Moreover, not all users have access to FB reels on mobile devices as well. You can check if you have this option by signing into the FB app. See on the right of the Stories tab, you may see the Reels tab. From here, you may watch videos or create your own reels. You can also access the Reels option from the Menu bar. 


Creating FB Reels: What are the possibilities?


There are so many options to try while creating FB Reels. If you don’t want to create new content, you can crop reel content from Live Streams clips. 


Facebook reels on desktop using livestreams content


Let’s explore how to create facebook reels on desktop using livestreams. 


  1. Choose the FB Live video clip you want to use. 
  2. Navigate to any online video editing tool of your choice. 
  3. In the video editing tool, select the category or a template. You will be able to find these options in any video editing tool easily. The aspect ratio should be 9:16. 
  4. Add your media to the template. You can either upload a complete video and crop the needed part or upload an already cropped part. 
  5. Now replace or either adjust the text if you want to add any. 
  6. Once editing is done, click on the download sign (the location of the download option differs by the tool you choose). Recommended video quality is 1080p. 
  7. After the video is downloaded, now upload it online on Dropbox, Google Drive, or other. It can be any platform that is easily accessible for you on the phone as well. 
  8. Log into the FB, and launch FB reels. 
  9. Choose the files from the source, add FX and publish it. 


This is the easiest way to create facebook reels on desktop. Let’s continue reading other ideas as well. 


Create FB Reels with Stock Video


If you don’t want to use any of your content on FB, you can still create FB reels. Here is how you can create facebook reels on desktop using stock videos  


  1. Search for stock videos either yourself or through the platform of a video editing tool. For example, you can search Google for ‘free videos’. You will have so many links to follow. Download any from these links that have an aspect ratio of 9:16. Or, search for stock videos through the platform of a video editing tool. 
  2. If you downloaded it from Google, upload it on the video editing tool. If you search from the video editing tool platform, it will be uploaded automatically. 
  3. Edit the text of the video. 
  4. After editing is done, download the video (1080p). 
  5. Now, upload the video to Google Drive, or another cloud storage platform. 
  6. Sign in to Facebook, and go to Facebook Reels.
  7. Upload the file from the source, add FX, and publish it.


You should add hashtags to your description as these are important to rank on FB.


Scheduling Uploaded FB Reels


Unfortunately, NO! It is not possible to schedule the FB reels and remember, it is not possible either way. However, META is working on it. Maybe, in the near future, you can schedule reels through API integration. Moreover, drafts cannot be saved on FB as well. 


Take Away!


Who will like creating facebook reels on desktop? That’s challenging to define. Maybe active FB users would like to experiment with the new feature. With the various new integrations, if you’re devoted to Instagram and occasionally use Reels there, you may make the most of FB’s new feature.



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