Samsung releases accessories as well for their TV sets. Most commonly bought are the Samsung soundbars. If you have a qled tv at home, you may want to know about the best soundbar for samsung qled tv. You may also be curious to know if any soundbar can be used with any Samsung TV or choice should be model specific. All of such queries are answered in this blog. 

I don’t believe that laptops and mobiles have replaced TVs and LEDs. If it is so, then the prices of these products would have fallen or either company would have withdrawn their new projects. But, opposite to this, advanced technologies are in the market to amaze the users. Well, laypersons don’t care about the brand and they are just concerned about the purpose of fulfillment.

Let’s first talk about Samsung soundbars compatibility with other brands’ TVs. Luckily, you can pair a Samsung Soundbar with any TV by any brand. You can connect soundbars to your TV or LEDs via Bluetooth, HDMI, or other available options. 


best soundbar for samsung qled tv


How can you connect a Samsung soundbar to the TV of any brand? Look up the compatible ports and then connect the soundbar with the TV through these ports. HDMI is so far the most compatible option but you can try others as well. Maybe you would prefer to connect via Bluetooth or WiFi. It is interesting to know that you can pair Samsung soundbars with old TVs as well because it features old-style inputs. 


Samsung Soundbar and a Samsung QLED TV


It is fine to use Samsung soundbars with other brands TVs, but it is better to connect your Samsung qled tv with a Samsung soundbar. Let’s learn why you should pair a Samsung soundbar with Samsung qled TV.


  • Control Soundbar and QLED TV via a single remote.

Samsung works on introducing more accessible features over time and one of them is the OneRemote feature. It enables the users to control both TVs and Soundbars with a single remote. The syncing process is so easy and simple. 


  • The Autopower Link feature eliminates the headache of switching on the soundbar every time using the TV. 

After you have established the connection between your Samsung QLED TV and the Samsung Soundbars, you will not need to reconnect both again. In other words, when you turn on the TV, you are not asked to switch on the soundbars. Rather, you can use the Autopower Link feature. It will make your Soundbars turn on automatically when the TV is switched on. 


  • No compatibility issues.

When you are pairing Samsung soundbars for a Samsung QLED TV, there remains no ifs and buts. Else than wondering whether your other TV brands are compatible with Samsung soundbars or not, you can pair any Samsung TV you have. Moreover, all Samsung features are available to any Samsung product but also these sometimes extend to other brand products as well. For example, you can access OneRemote and other features by connecting a different TV brand to a Samsung soundbar via HDMI CEC.


Can you use Soundbars at the same time as you are using TV speakers?


Yes, this is possible, you can use both at the same time and this is referred to as Q-Symphony. However, this is not recommended and also is not always possible to use the soundbar and TV speakers at the same time. However, if you are using Samsung TV and Soundbars, you can use the feature Q-Symphony. You may like the feature as it is customized to the user’s preferences.


Best soundbar for Samsung qled tv

When you are buying a Samsung soundbar for your Samsung QLED TV, you may be looking for a solid design with outstanding audio quality. You can shop for the best soundbar for samsung qled tv either online or from Samsung stores. Every Samsung soundbar is of exceptional quality, you only have to select one that fits your needs. Everyone will have something to buy as Samsung products are flooded with features and multiple functionalities. 


Samsung QLED soundbar



For example, you can buy S60A from the Samsung store or Amazon. It is a cheap-priced, high-quality soundbar that can calm your craze for high volume. It has dual-sided horn speakers and is supported by Samsung’s AB technology, and thus is able to develop a broad range of sound to fill the area with quality audio. While Samsung Q950A is one of the most expensive audio devices by Samsung. It is costly as it offers high-tech and quality support for Atmos and DTS:X sound technologies. There are so many to count in the list of best soundbar for samsung qled tv


Take Away!


If you are not satisfied with your Samsung QLED TV speakers, then must buy soundbars. This blog provided enough information to let you make an informed purchase of the best soundbar for samsung qled tv. If you want to add to this blog information, leave a comment. 



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